BBC News

UX / UI design (October 2014 - June 2016)

Most of my work at the BBC is restricted by NDA, but I can show case studies in person. I've been recently working on personalisation features and propositions around our linked data platform for responsive web and mobile. All the examples can be seen here are my individual work and my own photos from workshops I participated.


  • Research

  • Workshops

  • Concepting & wireframing

  • User testing & prototypes

  • Visual & Interaction design

  • Developer support


Using existing resources about our audience like personas, focus group studies, previous user testing reports. Conduct stakeholder interviews and onsite observations. Analysing lots of data like performance reports, live analytics, heat maps and I could always ask our dedicated Research team to pull any specific data report regarding a new challenge. I was also doing competitor and best practice analysis and looking out innovative new ideas from other industries.
One of the highlights of my research activity was when I did a lightning talk about a case study in using data in design decisions on a BBC UX&D Staff Away Day in 2015.



After the research phase, I usually summarised the findings and highlighted areas where we should focus on, so we could aim to find the best solution by asking the right questions. This phase usually included workshops (mostly HMW), design sprints, sketching and evaluation.



This phase was all about to design the solution right. This is when I looked at user journeys, user flows, created design concepts, low and high fidelity wireframes, clickable prototypes, participated in testing sessions (guerilla testing, rapid and in-depth lab based testing), then iterated and repeated this cycle until we had a ready-to-release MVP product. I also created specifications, documentations and worked with developers in an Agile environment.