Compare the market

White label, UX / UI design (2013)

Bespoke broadband, home phone and digital TV white label for one of the three largest price comparison websites in the UK.

I was the lead designer on this project from the initial pitching phase to product launch and through the iterative process of multiple small releases to improve conversion rates. I was working with our e-commerce team, internal stakeholders and stakeholders from on the concepts and with multiple Scrum teams on development.


  • Information architecture

  • User journeys, user flows

  • Visual & Interaction design

  • Stakeholder management

  • A/B and multivariate testing

Initial phase

First we were pitching concepts and ideas on a tender to become the new partner of for their broadband and digital tv white label.
The challenge was that how can we offer the same brand and user experience for this vertical on the website, so that users can flow freely between products and our white label feels equally natural not out of space.

We identified the key points and elements of the existing user journeys, then looked at how can we translate our product in terms of architecture and user flows to align with those. We also investigated how can we include our strong offline proposition (UK based call centre) in the journeys.

(We worked with visual designs and not wireframes from the start as high fidelity was needed for the pitching documents and process.)


After we successfully get through to the second round, we improved the journeys, added new steps and looked at how can we integrate our CRM  to offer online checkout, which was a unique proposition on the market. We also included initial mobile concepts.


First releases

We successfully won the pitch and started to work closely with to release our first MVP. We further improved the journeys, made them simpler by cutting out any unnecessary steps and clutter. The designs and later the implemented test versions were constantly tested and sensed checked by internal research team and the findings were fed back to us.

We also got access to the brand guides, so I could make sure that everything is fit and aligned on the UI and with the interactions.

After launching our MVP product, we continued to work on the pages and made iterative improvements based on new ideas, feedbacks and analytics data. These improvements were released on a bimonthly basis.


Iterative improvements

After the first trial months and initial performance reports, we started to look at how can we improve conversion rates on the website. We built in new features, improved the interface, started A/B testing, then partnered with Maximiser for multivariate testing to see which improvement makes the biggest impact on sales. This way we improved online conversion rates by 2.3% over a few months.


'Finished' product

We delivered the first version of the product in 10 weeks working in Agile development for the initial launch in October 2013. Later on we had several additional sprints to release improvements. These screens below reflects the state of the site in the third quarter of 2014.