OVO Energy

UR / UX / UI (November 2017 - September 2018)

During my 11 months at OVO I worked in 3 different product teams as an embedded UXD, doing user research, ux and ui design. My job was defining, shaping and delivering live solutions, engaging the team and stakeholders in ux activities - like user research, user story mapping, persona building, ideating and putting customers in the centre of our work.

Research on CORGI engineer platform

When I joined OVO, I started working in the CORGI HomePlan team and was mostly doing research on their engineer platform as part of the discovery phase of a new product proposition.

The research included two focus groups with 15+ heating engineers, talking to customer service agents and listening into calls, stakeholder interviews and workshops and an online engineer survey (in collaboration with the market research team) with 500+ responders.

The outcome of the research was process maps, service workflows, personas and a deck with analysis of the gaps and pain points of the service.

One of the actions we took was to redesign the engineer job report system to make it more user-friendly and mobile first responsive, so engineers can submit their job sheets and costs more quickly and easily (this was the most pressing issue based on user feedback). I used Sketch & Invision for the design and prototyping and ran a rapid round of usability testing on usertesting.com with engineers to make sure we’re making a positive impact.


Lean product development for Home Services

Over the spring of 2018, the research team at OVO ran an in-depth research around boiler breakdowns and home emergencies in three locations with 10+ participants. We used findings of this research to build new product propositions with the Home Services team. We worked in a lean way with lots of collaboration, discussion, ideation and engaging the whole team in ux and user research activities. We built a new, experimental service in multiple phases - starting with the bare minimum and adding complexity sprint by sprint. Unfortunately this service hasn’t gone live due to business reasons and priorities.


Product development for CORGI HomeHeat

The last team I worked with at OVO was the CORGI HomeHeat team and we did a complete product redesign. We also worked in a lean, agile way as with the others teams (and as my preferred way of working). We also did rounds of user testing, first we got help from our research team and they did a round of testing on the old CHH website, we used that user feedback to improve customer experience and to prioritise our product roadmap. When I finished the ui design, I did another round of testing to get user feedback, but also tried to explore how our users think and what is their understanding of heating technologies and devices. I presented those user videos on a User Story Slam event to help the business get a better understanding of our customers. It was one of the highlights of my time at OVO with a great turn up and discussion <3